The secret of life is in constant evolution for learning with love. Every day to have more and more admiration for ancient cultures that respect our planet, as well as to be responsible to promote biodiversity. Today the path for design is that of a useful tool that enhances life and cares for it. To live and learn from the main cities, thanks to them to have a look of creative flexibility, so that when the time comes to face the projects. Now, to value with great emphasis the countryside, the rural world, to nourish oneself with all the elements that make up nature, healthy eating, healthy living, taking care of the environment and living as a family.

Alberto Montado.-

Versatile and prolific designer. He has developed a multitude of design actions during his career, including designs for companies such as Fox, Marvel, Mattel, INC, Nike, Viacom, Warner Bros, Ferrero. He has renewed the image of companies such as Aceites Cazorla, the most important cooperative in Spain. He is amplified making interior designs, gardens, events and shows.
He studied at the Facultat de Comunicaciò Blanquerna, Ramón Llull University in Barcelona and at the school of plastic arts and design GROC in Barcelona where he learnt what design is all about. His roots are from Cádiz.
Since 1999 he has participated in environmental improvements for the Generalitat de Cataluña, Navarra, Junta de Andalucía and Xunta de Galicia.
His great passions are art and music. Musically he is known as dapo and has played music in as many settings as possible for influential people and companies.
In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking. Friendship is sacred and family even more so.

Multi-Disciplinary Design and Creative Marketing Solutions.

Specializing in International Corporate Branding  conceptualizing, developing and expanding your product, image or business.-

Alberto Montado Design conceptualizes:
  • Brand Identity

  • Advertising

  • Publicity Campaigns

From luxury packaging and labelling, brochures, events and clothes design to web design.
Experience dynamic and exclusive design: Effective Business and Product Branding, Time and Result Efficient Brand and Image Development and Unmistakeable Brand Identity that makes the right impression delivered in a completely bespoke and impeccably personal manner. Excellence is at the heart of Montado Design services; offering clients something unique and unforgettable.
The creative talents of Montado Design also extend into the fields of luxury interior decoration and inspiring landscaping for homes, offices and public buildings.

Branding and Strategic Design.-

Successful branding is unique emotion and impressive character in perpetual motion.With impeccable quality and tireless creativity, Montado Design’s bespoke gourmet services  can perfectly capture the essence of your product or business and translate this into reality with tasteful yet undeniable impact.
Incorporating brand and image development, publicity, advertising, strategic marketing and SEO services, Montado Design provides exceptionally, highly effective Design, Branding and Marketing solution you can rely on.

Rooted in tradition but always innovating Interior Design.-

Alberto Montado Design offers something special for those with a penchant for the distinguished, with a complete spectrum of sensual purity interior design and interior decoration services for individuals, businesses and corporates.
Design and decoration concepts are seamlessly translated into comfort, ambience and functionality that compliment your identity and inspire your lifestyle, with an emphasis on a sense of effortless elegance, appropriate impact, unmistakeable beauty and unforgettable style.
From support in choice of decorative elements and finishings, to a complete look and from vibrant and avant garde to chic and classic, Montado Design brings your design concepts to tangible reality… fluidly.