314 Bcn Arq. y Diseño

Being in this project developed from its inception was quite an experience. At that height the architecture studio Adeva needed to expand its offices creating a new office in the city of Sitges. Miguel Adeva, a university student, contacted me and explained that I had the best project that anyone would offer me that year. What is it about? How good is it? Yes.
In fact we arranged a few meetings and we started as founding partners of the 314 Bcn study with this human team: Mr., Adeva, Mr., Miguel, Mrs., Ariadna, Mr., Roger and Mr. Alberto.
Soon we began to shape that ramshackle garage. The architects gave shape to the technical components while Miguel and Alberto engaged in developing the corporate, image and make the best space for productive expansion with a tight time line.

We achieve the desired impact.

Antonio Gaudí

«Original is that which returns to the simplicity of the first solutions».

(Antonio Gaudí)


The architect can become the king, but he is not the art director.


Each person is different and each client wants something special so we decided to call him 314 bcn.

Project Details

Client314 Bcn