Berlin Calling

Paul Kalkbrenner, the Dj who portrayed the Berlin clubbing scene with the Berlin Calling film thanks to its director Hannes Stöhr.

Thanks to Fake Out independent promoter of clubbing located in Barcelona, ​​we were in one of those magnificent events of the Playa del Prat when you could breathe fresh air, extensive hours and enjoy music outdoors. There we went to see Paul Karlbrenner an artist who pointed to ways thanks to his live’s and his musical quality. We had a great time and we were able to know that he was planning to make a movie that would be titled:

Berlin Calling, starring himself, narrates the descent into hell, subsequent redemption and rise of Dj Ickarus in the cradle of techno. And it is that Berlin Calling has become a cult movie.

When the months passed and we knew that the film was presented at the Locarno festival, we started calling to bring the film to Barcelona. We organize everything, room, promotion, reception to international artists with the assistance of DubFire, Davide Squillace, Audio Fly, the cream of the clubbing culture of Barcelona, ​​we collaborate with Macarena Club, Click Music, among others. We had full capacity in the Verdi cinemas and the satisfaction of being the first to do the Berlin Calling screening in Barcelona.

Today PaulKarlbrenner is a mass idol

Before PK, there was Paul Kalkbrenner and before this Paul dB +, a meteoric evolution that has led this German producer to edit eight albums: Superimpose and Zeit (2001), Self (2004), Maximalive, a CD Mix (2005), Reworks (2006), Berlin Calling The Soundtrack (2008), all produced on the BPitch Control label by Ellen Allien. After them, the documentary A Live Documentary and the one released last year by Icke Wieder are both under the auspices of their own label, Paul Kalkbrenner Musik.

Hannes Stöhr

The idea of portraying the life of a disc jockey came to Hannes Stöhr while listening to techno in a German disco, during the 90s. He wanted to capture that life «from a melancholy-positive perspective», as he says: an unusual portrait that allowed to know, on the one hand, an unavoidable reality of nightlife and, on the other, a real possibility of changing the course of things.

Berlin Calling

Enjoy your soundtrack, at the same time, a very good movie about a world unknown to many.

Maya Angelou

«Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments when we run out of breath

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