Bodegas Señorío de Yagüe

So it was in one morning through Mr. Hilario that we received the call from a client with a great peculiarity, «I have a great product and I need to know about it». After talking about so many qualities we understood that it was best to visit them.

Already in its facilities located in the city of Valdepeñas, we talk about where they make wine and its history. We were astonished to know that the first vestiges of winemaking date back to the seventh and fourth centuries BC. C. thanks to the archaeological site of Iberian-Orethane origin, Cerro de las Cabezas, where remains of vineyard cultivation and wine production have been found together with ornamental pottery of great beauty.

After explaining that they have spent years of research in the development of their wine as they did those ancestors, we find the need to update, digest, summarize, concretize, enlarge, position with design, communication and a profitable strategy with which we decided that this Wine Vineae Expressio Veo Collection has a beautiful goal:

«Your wonderful selected grapes packaged in listed collection bottles will be delivered to people who love good wine in perfect harmony.

Feeling the Master

This wine deserves good company and place together with …

«Music must make fire in the heart of man, and tears in the eyes of the woman.»

(Ludwig van Beethoven)

Federico Fellini

A good wine is like a good movie: it lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory in your mouth; It is new in each sip and, as with movies, it is born and reborn in each flavored

(Federico Fellini)


We develop the most special, pampered and quality wine of the Land of Castile to have an experience of unparalleled aromas and flavors.

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ClientBodegas Señorío de Yagüe