Cotton Black

Cotton Black

To reach these designs were inflection points in how to raise them, apply them value them, know the importance of connections and without walking in the branches know that in this life still making all the effort possible there are projects that remain in the firm determination of a few, making it impossible to generate viability for this consumer society. Having said that, you will wonder what we do putting these designs if they did not work economically? Simply, we speak clearly and in life everything is not money.

These temporary designs, collectible pieces, all sold outside the tax margins of Cheap Clothes, generated at the beginning of the great crisis 2008 Why do we continue?

We made a recognition to Nelson Mandela: his 46664, at 27 years of age in painful conditions. The South African government rejected all requests for his release. Mandela became a symbol of the struggle against apartheid inside and outside the country, a legendary figure that represented the lack of freedom of all South African colored men. We realized the risk of launching this brand of clothing, we met the entire team and decided that we would go ahead with all models of the collection and without knowing it we found a way to know that all these designs are never too late to idealize them.

Our models in the collection were: Save love: Since it is incorporated insensibly in our society, those zombies of the «here I catch you here I enjoy you» empty beds of all spiritual substance; This is Society: its powerful mandate of money and selfishness; Rhythm of the heart: reflection towards Eliades Ochoa with her song «Chan Chan», Dreams: Privilege to reflect on what image represented dreams, we found a little fish that dreamed of being a shark. For them: Some tanks that express the power of international plots, the brazenness of terrorist groups, we go ahead and share thoughts like Charlie Hedbo. I had the engine inside: When we see the desperate who are sick invaded by loneliness, we anticipate the evictions, the anxiety of millions of citizens who forget the motor of being savage, of recalling the need to feel the heart beating hard…

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