Trébol Jardines

Sometimes without knowing in what way opportunities arrive where we start to live and develop them. This time a different gardening to all and human. How was this union of elements possible?

Trebol Jardines company created in the year 2000, based in Cádiz more specifically in San Fernando for many the island of Camarón, land of Paco de Lucía place if it fits of art consecrated, sun and the good «pescaito frito», so from the start A gardening company in this area has to faithfully respond to the Mediterranean spirit, its culture and know how to live.

When we started to develop a strategy for them and after several meetings we fell into a certainty how to make this viable gardening possible? Keeping in mind that this assignment was a long-distance race.

Nowadays Trebol Jardines is the first gardening company in Spain that performs the following actions and leader in its segment; participates in sports of social integration, invests in social actions, economic development opportunities and in a very active way in national and international Ultratrails sports, naming some of them as, Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 160km, The Norh Face Gran Canarias 125km, 101 km of Ronda.

Trebol Jardines now applies this unique combination that directly helps its clients to obtain better results in gardens, communities or space that needs to reflect nature.

Together with them we have been able to develop beautiful gardens, avant-garde gardening adapted to each client, taking care of nature, studying how the seasons influence the gardens and pampering all the details including publicity, communication and research.

«Escape from the world with us» (Trebol Jardines).




  • 1st in its segment
  • Permanent Enjoyment
  • Communication and development
  • Landscape spaces
  • One step further in design
  • Sustainable gardening

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ClientTrébol Jardines