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After 50 years with the same design a big challenge has been for our study this order of renewing the whole image of Aceites Cazorla, a cooperative with more than 2000 associates, mostly families. Dedicated to the cultivation and exploitation of olive oil from times inmemoriables.
Our mark design has led to realizing more than 45 packagings designs. To set in development from the idea up to the manufacture of the product. We have presented the product in the magnificent museum of the oil in Terra Olivo in Jaen where the president Helena Vivoras was present, accompanied by the Mayor of the city and the Ceo of the businessmen of Jaen.
An annual production of more than 47.000 tons. Once the new image has been made and the product development has been implemented, sales have increased by more than 18% over the next year to the design.
Since all the renewal of the image have been won several international awards highlight.
International competition
Huiles du Monde award L Orciolo D’Oro Award 2017
awarded by Enohobby Club dei Colli Malatestiani Gradara
awarded by London Olive Oil Quality Competition
Silver Medal Award 2017
awarded by IV Iberian Contest of AOVE Mosque Awards 2017
awarded by Olive Japan
Gourmet Medal Award 2017
award by AVPA Paris.