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After more than a decade in the preparation of this book we present it to you, determined to show it to the greatest number of people. The book contemplates the experience of life, how to overcome calamities and how to restore spirituality with consciousness.

Don Carlos Corbacho’s life biography is very extensive, full of anecdotes and setbacks. Having turned 80 this April.

The French journalist Andre Viard, introduces him as a front row matador, a successful bullfighting businessman on the Costa del Sol, a broker in countless farm sales, a philosopher, a communicator and a charmer.

This book is a beautiful unique opportunity to share with you a legacy and a story of pure life. Every phrase in this book has been thought through, lived and put into practice. A read of sincerity, honest, very grateful and direct.

As the title indicates, you are alive, what else do you want? it explains true aspects of the self, of our essence, of understanding our minds in business, in life, and understanding how to live in the moment. And it does not refer to the momentary carpe diem, but to exist in this moment, now, in this instant.

This book can benefit people who, although skeptical, appreciate a new approach in the way of writing the reading, who may be willing to try techniques to live life more consciously and with greater self-confidence.
With my affection, admiration and respect, grateful for having participated.